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Main areas of activity of Altonika include development and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications.


The company traces its history since 1987. For 25 years, we have made the way from small-scale production of electronics to work on major long-term contracts. Currently commercially available products is supplied to all regions of Russia, and also exported to the CIS countries and far abroad.


The company’s specialists closely follow the trends in the world market of electronics and consider changing customer needs. This allows manufacturing actual electronic equipment that is reliable, has modern design, simplicity and ease of use.

One component of the company’s products success is in advanced developments. Thanks to our know-how and original technical solutions, electronics of Altonika is popular not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders.

Radio channel security system equipment of series Lonta, Reef String and Reef Ring is in high demand for many years in the security industry. The range of products is very diverse, ranging from panic radio buttons and ending with centralized radio channel notification transmission systems. Work in this direction is conducted in close cooperation with both the Main Directorate of Extradepartmental Protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and as part of our program to create and promote new security systems and devices having no analogs in Russia.

The company carries out full technical support for supplied products, including the distribution of new software versions, as well as staff consulting and training. Altonika also provides warranty and post-warranty service of its products.

Research and development work in Altonika is conducted in its own development departments. Skill level of design engineers allows finding the effective solutions for complex technical problems and implementing them at a high level. Thanks to their professionalism, tens of new developments are put into serial production annually. Experts of the company are authors of more than 500 patented inventions. Product development is carried out in closed technological cycle: from designing of printed circuit boards to prototype production.


Altonika has strong production capacities. Currently, the plant of the company is one of the best electronic assembly plants in the country. Another major activity of the company is developing dynamically – contract manufacturing. Today the company assembles electronic equipment for many companies from Russia and the European Union. Tens of such companies cooperate with Altonika for many years on a regular basis.


The plant is equipped with advanced automatic equipment. Assembling and soldering of electronic components are carried out with recent developments of world-renowned companies, advanced automatic equipment, adcvanced technological processes and materials. Highly automated lines of surface mounting allow to quickly and accurately install all types of electronic components. Total capacity of automatic element assembly lines is over 230,000 components per hour.

Component suppliers are direct manufacturers of reliable hardware components or their official distributors in Russia. Regular partners of Altonika includes Analog Devices, Atmel, EM Marin, Microchip, Motorola, Murata, Philips, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Zilog and others.

The most careful attention is paid to the quality and reliability of manufactured products. System of control pass-through validation covers the whole cycle of development and production. Assembled products are tested for the exposure to electro-magnetic and conducted interference and environmental testing. Quality control is carried out using modern equipment of the leading manufacturers, as well as stands and facilities of our own making. All Altonika products are certified.

Operating frequencies of 433.92 MHz and 868 MHz and output power of transmitters of 10 mW are approved for use by the State Committee for Radio Frequency Allocations of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Communications and Information Technology and agreed by FSUE “The General Radio Frequency Centre”. Use of transmitters does not require registration and obtaining any permits or approvals.

Main areas of activity of Altonika include development and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications.

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