Приборы приемно-контрольные охранно-пожарные

Address manual fire detector IP 535-18 («IPР-LEO»)

Designed for manual sending of «FIRE» alarm.

Address fire detectors Leonardo

Series of address fire detectors is used to operate in control and indicating equipment RS-202TX8NL and Reef-LS60 for organizing fire alarm of medium and small objects. Providing automatic control of detector operability allows installing a single detector IP 212-60A in the room instead of two.

Radio channel magnet contact detector (reed switch) Reef-S

New product!
Designed to protect door and window openings, organizing devices such as a “trap”, and protection of other structural elements of buildings and structures on opening or removal with issuance of alarm notification to control and indicating device Reef-LS60. Additional connection of other security detectors with “dry contact” output is possible.

Control and indicating security and fire device Reef-LS60

New product!

Designed for creating fire alarm system based address fire detector of Leonardo series (99 pcs.) and alarm system based on radio channel reed switches Reef-S (up to 60 pcs.).

Address combined detector IP 212/101-3А-A1R (Leonardo-ОТ)

Designed to detect fire on increase of optical density of the environment with smoke content, by the value of the ambient temperature and the rate of its increase, due to this it works with any type of fire: accompanied by smoke or temperature increase (Class A1R).

Address heat maximum differential detector IP 101-24А-A1R (Leonardo-T)

Designed to detect fireon an ambient temperature and the speed of its growth.

Asdress fire optical-electronic detector IP 212-60А (Leonardo-O)

Designed to detect fire on increase of optical density of the environment.

Communications hub Reef-OP-KS

Designed to create a network from control and indicating device Reef-OP8 (up to 7 devices) and to send messages simultaneously via two channels: Lonta-202 (Lonta OPTIMA) and GSM-channel.

Remote display unit Reef-OP-BVI

Designed to display information on all alarm loop circuits of network devices. It only works with network hub Reef-OP-KS.

Message transmission module RS-202ТDm (RS-201ТDm)

New product
Designed for integration of control and indicating equipment OP8 Reef and Reef-LS60 into Lonta-202 (Lonta OPTIMA) systems.

Control and indicating security and fire device Reef-OP8

New product!
Designed to protect small facilities equipped with contact and current consuming security and fire detectors.

Main areas of activity of Altonika include development and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications.

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