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Warranty repairs

To determine warranty period for the equipment, Service Center refers to the documents confirming the purchase (warranty certificate, receipt, invoice, bill of lading) or copies thereof. In the absence of supporting documents, Service Center refers to barcodes of the equipment, and in cases where barcodes are mot provided by the manufacturer – to the date of putting the product into operation (internal company information).

For repair you shall provide filled bill of lading. It is desirable to provide an e-mail address of the sender to send notifications of acceptance of the unit for repair and its completion.


Terms of warranty repairs

1 The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation of the product during the period specified in the warranty certificate or user manual. 3

The product shall be operated in accordance with the rules contained in User Manual and other supplied documentation.


Warranty repairs is carried out on presentation of a correctly completed warranty certificate.

4 After the warranty period, the repairs is carried out on a paid basis, based on the price list of the company carrying out repairs, installation and configuring.


Warranty does not cover:

1 When warranty certificate is filled out improperly (no contact information of the manufacturer/installer, the date of sale/installation; seller signature; the stamp of the seller/installer). 4

The product that was opened or repaired within the warranty period by anyone not authorized by the manufacturer.


The product that does not have a barcode of the manufacturer.


The failure of the product manufactured by Altonika because of the refusal of a third-party to render services (paging, cellular operators, etc.), if it is required for the operation of this product.


The product that has been damaged by fire, accident, misuse, neglect, ingress of corrosive liquids or water.


The deterioration of specified characteristics or failure of the product used improperly, and if the conditions of its operation do not meet normal manufacturer’s conditions.


The equipment with expired warranty shall be repaired for a fee.


Non-warranty repairs

Service Center at Electrolitny Lane carries out repairs of the equipment from partners, distributors and dealers of Altonika. Private individuals shall apply to the company where the equipment was purchased regarding the repair or to the representatives of Altonika in your city.

For information on the methods and rules of transferring the equipment for repair, please call +7 (495) 795 0988 or e-mail by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

On payment of repair, please call: +7 (495) 797 3070
Valentina Krylova, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For technical support, please call +7 (495) 797 3070
Ivan Koshelevsky, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Questions and Answers

Is it possible to use transmitters of RS-200 family together with receivers RR-7011?

Simultaneous operation of transmitters RS-200 with receivers RR-701 is possible, but in this case, the receiver will not display the type of triggered loop, but will only display the number of triggered transmitter.

What shall I do? When testing RS-202 system at a distance of 10 meters from BS, test signal level is less than 20 units, and at a longer distance there is a complete loss of signal.

Most likely, the reason is that frequency letters at BS and at facility devices are different; you need to program the letters of facility devices to be equal to the letter of BS. You can download the software to program frequency (letter) on “Software” page of Lonta-202 system. Also, for programming of devices you should use programmer RS-202PRG.

I’m trying to teach transmitter RR-701TS to receiver RR-701R, it fails. Tell me, please, what is the cause?

Perhaps you do not correctly follow the connection of the transmitter. Wire colors inside the socket do not match the colors of the cable conductors. Connection should be performed based on the colors of conductors in the cable.


Can I arm/disarm RS-202TP8 device by loops (each loop separately)?

No, all RS-202TP8 device loops are armed/disarmed together.


Is it possible to arrange fire alarm using your equipment?

You can arrange fire alarm using our equipment, there are fire and security panels that have relevant certificate. Fire protection loops can power off the sensor after an alarm.


Judging by the instruction, receiver RR-701R should work with transmitters RS-200T and RS-200TP; it learns, triggers an alarm, but doesn’t switch it off. Why?

Alarm reset in receivers of RR-701 family is carried out only when pressing “Reset” button. As long as the button is not pressed, the alarm will be displayed.

Will such combination of equipment work: RR-2TS + RR-1R?

Such a combination will not work. These are two completely different systems using different levels of coding. Transmitters RR-2TS only work with receivers of RR-2 series. Transmitters RFG-1 or RR-1T work with receivers RR-1.


Can RS-200 system work under control of Egida software?

RS-200 system will not work under control of Egida software. This software works only with RS-202 system.


I would like to know what is the maximum distance the antenna can be drawn from transmitter RR-701TS?

Transmitter RR-701TS has no connector for external antenna; it is supplied with standard antenna in one housing.


I have lost master key from object device, what should I do?

You can register a new master key only in the company Service Center. You need to send the device to the manufacturer through a company in which you purchased the device.

Which cable to use for connecting remote antennas to your equipment?

To connect the remote antennas to our equipment it is necessary to use a coaxial cable (feeder) with characteristic impedance of 50 ohms. Consider that the feeder cable attenuates received signal. Cable RG-58C/U (5 mm diameter) has a loss at a frequency of 433.92 MHz of about 0.3 dB/m. With a length of a feeder of more than 10-20 m, you should use a higher quality cable RG-213/U (10 mm diameter), which has losses of about 0.1 dB/m. You should also bear in mind that using a feeder with the length of over 50 meters, even with cable RG-213/U is permissible, but not desirable because of high signal loss.


How to save the information on the objects in the event of a failure of PCN?

For PCN RS-202PN and RS-200PN, there is special software for saving\loading the information about the objects (SaveBase_RS-202PN and SaveBase_RS-200PN). This software can be downloaded from our website in “Software” section on pages for RS-202PN and RS-200PN.

Will transmitters of RS-200 system work in RS-202 system?

Transmitters RS-200 will not work with RS-202 system. RS-200 and RS-202 systems use different technologies for data transfer.


Does the complete set of PCN RS-200RN include a cable for connecting to a computer?

No, it is not included. The cable for connection to a computer is supplied with the software.

Does PCN RS-200RN require power supply, or PCN is connected to the mains of 220V 50Hz?

PCN RS-200RN requires power supply from 10 to 15 V.


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