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New development of Altonika – autonomous GSM-alarm TAVR-2 is designed for protection of apartments, houses, garages, etc.


Keeping all the advantages of the first model TAVR (autonomous operation, easy installation) it is complemented by a number of functions that solve more problems for protection of the facility.

New features:

  • Connection of up to 8 wireless sensors
  • Two operation modes: autonomous (from batteries) and from mains 220 V


  • Option to select full or partial security
  • SMS and voice notification to 5 phone numbers
  • Event date and time indication in SMS-messages
  • Programmable input delay
  • Displaying the type and number of sensor in alarm message
  • Programmable notification on 220 V mains voltage disconnection
  • Programmable SMS-notification of arming/disarming
  • “Quiet” alarm switching on/off
  • Notification on a low battery in all the devices
  • Arming/disarming via SMS-messages or Touch Memory keys
  • SIM-card balance check
  • Request of settings and system status
  • Extended response to SMS-request in case of a fault
  • Remote listening of premises
  • Notification on rise in temperature above +60 °C
  • Programmable lower temperature threshold at which SMS-message will be sent
  • Operation time of battery life: up to 1 year
  • Communication range between GSM-unit and sensors: up to 250 m in the line of sight
  • Frequency: 868 MHz
  • Communication channel control

Main areas of activity of Altonika include development and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications.

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