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The system is designed for remote control of gates, barriers, lighting fixtures and other devices.

Reef Ring-1 allows establishing remote control where high transmission range is not required, but low price of equipment is of fundamental importance.



  • Radio channel operates at open frequency 433.92 MHz ±0.2% with allowed transmitting power not more than 10 mW
  • Permit to use radio frequency is not required for operation of the system
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Communication range in the line of sight is 100-400 m
  • 12-bit encoding


COMPONENTS OF Reef Ring-1 system

Receiving equipment:

  • RR-1R – radio receiver with one output relay;
  • RR-1R2 – radio receiver with two output relays.

Transmitting equipment:

  • RFG-1 – two button radio key fob;
  • RR-1T – radio key fob of extended range.

Receiving equipment

Receiver RR-1R

Designed to receive signals over the radio channel from miniature transmitters (radio key fobs) and issue notifications by switching the relay contacts. The receiver is used for remote control of electric gates, barriers, etc., and can be connected to the loop circuits of fire and security alarm systems.



  • Programmable operating mode of output relay
  • Supply voltage: from 10 to 15 V
  • Operating temperature range: from -20 to +40°С
  • Dimensions (without antenna): 75 х 120 х 32 mm

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