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Due to the large range of series of equipment and interoperability with older series Reef String-200 this system allows to solve wide range of problems of both individuals and stationary objects

Quick deployment of security systems at a temporary object. Radio channel extension of alarm loop circuits of wired fire and security systems.
The equipment of Reef Ring-701 series allows building relatively simple and inexpensive systems of local address radio security. Large range of series equipment and compatibility with older series Reef String-200 allows solving various problems of security for both individuals and stationary objects. Availability of retranslator RR-701RET in the system allows expanding the coverage significantly.


  • System operates at open frequency of 433.92 MHz ±0.2%, power of object transmitters is 10 mW
  • Permit to use radio frequency is not required for operation of the system
  • Communication range without using retranslators is 1-2 km in urban areas and 3-5 km outside the city
  • Frequency modulation with crystal frequency control at transmitting and receiving side
  • Noise-immune radio channel
  • Compatibility with transmitters of Reef String-200 system
  • 24-bit encoding, 16 million coding patterns
  • Can be used with remote receiving and transmitting antennas



Receiving equipment:

  • RR-701R – Receiver of alarm radio signals with LED indication (up to 8 transmitters).
  • RR-701R20 – Receiver of alarm radio signals with digital indication of transmitter number (up to 20 transmitters).
  • RR-701R15/4 – Receiver of alarm radio signals from transmitters, divided into four groups/zones (up to 15 transmitters).
  • RR-701RМ – Hand-held receiver (pager) for radio cignal reception from one radio button or transmitter.
  • RR-701RМ4 – Hand-held receiver (pager) for radio cignal reception from radio buttons or transmitters with separate sound and light indication of up to 4 transmitters.

Transmitting equipment:

  • RR-701T, RR701TN – personal hand-held transmitters (panic radio buttons).
  • RR-701TM – compact hand-held transmitter (compact panic radio button).
  • RR-701TS – Stationary transmitter of alarm messages with two alarm loop circuits: with input/output delay and without delay.
  • RR-701TS4 – Stationary transmitter with four independent alarm loop circuits with separate transmission of alarm messages.
  • RR-701TS-L – Stationary transmitter of alarm messages with two alarm loop circuits: with input/output delay and without delay, with option to connect remote antenna.

Retranslators and expanders:

  • RR-701RET – retranslator to extend coverage, compatible with all transmitters of Reef Ring-701 and Reef String-200.
  • RR-701X-RL – expander at 10 relays for receivers RR-701R, RR-701R20, RS-201R or PCN RS-200PN, RS-201PN, RS-202PN for establishing separate output zone for each transmitter.
  • RR-701X-OK – expander for 10 ouptuts of “open collector” type, operates as RR-701Х-RL.


Main areas of activity of Altonika include development and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications.

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