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REEF STRING-200 Radio channel notification transmission system

Reef System String-200 is designed to provide centralized security of groups of stationary objects (houses, garages, commercial pavilions, etc.) at a distance from the object to the post of up to 3 km in urban areas and up to 5 km outside the city.

Establishing a system of radio channel monitoring of facilities equipped with security and fire panels from other manufacturers.

Reef String-200 system is designed to provide centralized security of country houses, garages, trade pavilions and other stationary objects at a distance from the object to the guard post of 1-2 km in the city and 3-5 km in open terrain. Security of premises inside buildings is possible when laying wire lines is not possible or not practical. In contrast to Reef Ring-701, Reef String-200 system provides automatic control of the communication channel, sends notifications on ARMED/DISARMED events and the type of broken loop circuit. Reef String-200 and Reef Ring-701 systems are compatible on the concept of signal transmission, so the structure of protected objects can include small portable transmitters (panic radio buttons) and stationary transmitters from Reef Ring-701 system. To extend the coverage area, retranslators RR-701RET can be used. Stationary transmitters of Reef String-200 system can also be used to protect single objects with receiption of alarm messages to an individual single-channel receiver RS-200R (for example, for protection of individual garage).


  • System operates at open frequency of 433.92 MHz ±0.2%, power of object transmitters is 10 mW
  • Permit to use radio frequency is not required for operation of the system
  • Communication range without using retranslators is 1-2 km in urban areas and 3-5 km outside the city
  • Communication control with each object within 16-128 minutes (user configurable)
  • Frequency modulation with crystal frequency control at transmitting and receiving side
  • Noise-immune radio channel
  • Compatibility with transmitters of Reef Ring-701 system
  • 24-bit encoding, 16 million coding patterns
  • Can be used with remote receiving and transmitting antennas
  • Wide operating temperature range


Equipment for security center:

  • RS-200RD – Receiver receives radio signals from transmitters of Reef String-200 and Reef Ring-701 systems and sends notifications to PCN RS-200PN (RS-200PN-600).
  • RS-200PN/RS-200PN-600 – centralized monitoring panel (PCN) processes the information received by the receiver and displays it on LCD. Can be used autonomously or in conjunction with security monitoring software on the computer.
  • RS-200R – radio receiver from one of the transmitters: RS-200TP, RS-200TP-RB or RS-200T. Allows establishing a system for remote alarm radio notification at one stationary object.


Facility equipment:

  • RS-200T – facility device has 4 loop circuits SHS (ALC), two of which are armed around-the-clock, for example, one loop circuit for the panic button, and another for the fire sensors. External LED can be connected for alarm notification.
  • RS-200TP – security and fire device used to establish the alarm system for country houses, cottages, garages, commercial pavilions and other facilities from intrusion and fire. Has five fixed loop circuits that can be armed/disarmed by means of Touch Memory keys (keyboard Reef KTM).
  • RS-200TP-RB – security and fire device, complete analog of RS-200TP. The main difference is the option of arming security loops not only with Touch Memory keys and keyboard Reef KTM, but by using radio key fob RFS-4N.

Optional equipment

  • RS-200PRN – printer adapter.


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