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LONTA OPTIMA (REEF STRING-201) - Centralized radio channel security system

Organization of centralized security of territorially distributed stationary objects with transmission of fire and security notifications via radio channel. Establishing a system of radio channel object monitoring equipped with security and fire panels from other manufacturers

Lonta OPTIMA system is a budget analog of Lonta-202 system, which has a slightly lower communication range. The structure of the system is similar – security center which houses central monitoring panel, remote receiver, antenna-feeder device, computer with security monitoring software, and control and indicating equipment with transmitters at protected objects. Lonta OPTIMA system can operate in one of four frequencies (frequency letters) within the allowed band of 433.92 MHz. The system with one PCN (centralized monitoring panel) can have up to 500 transmitters. The number of transmitters in the system can be increased by adding PCNs and remote receivers.


  • System operates at open frequency of 433.92 MHz ±0.2%, power of object transmitters is 10 mW
  • Permit to use radio frequency is not required for operation of the system
  • Communication range is to 20 km
  • Communication control with each object – 20-90 minutes
  • Availability of transmitters for two, five and eight loop circuits
  • Availability of communicator for paneld of third party manufacturers, operating via Contact ID protocol
  • Simultaneous use of 2000 transmitters at 4 frequency letters is possible in the same territory (within 20 km) within allowed band


Equipment for security center:
  • RS-201RD – remote receiver performs one of the main functions in the system – it receives radio signal, carries out its initial decoding and sens to PCN RS-201PN.
  • RS-201PN – centralized monitoring panel (PCN) processes the information received by the receiver and displays it on LCD. Can be used standalone or in conjunction with security monitoring software on a computer.
  • RS-201R – designed to receive alarm signals via radio channel from hand-held radio buttons and stationary transmitters with indication of the number of avtivated transmitter.

Antenna equipment:
  • Receiving antenna.
Facility devices:

  • RS-201TK01 – Radio button of large communication range to transmit alarm signal.
  • RS-201TK2 – Radio button of large communication range to transmit alarm signal with an option of power increase.
  • RS-201TF – object device has two reprogrammable alarm loop circuits that are constantly in security mode, for example, one loop circuit for panic button, and another – for fire sensors. To alert on alarm, the siren and light indicator (lamp) can be connected.
  • RS-201TP – security and fire device, security and fire device used to establish the alarm system for country houses, cottages, garages, commercial pavilions and other facilities from intrusion and fire. Has five fixed loop circuits that can be armed/disarmed by means of Touch Memory keys (keyboard Reef KTM) with an option of arming/disarming delay.
  • RS-201TP8 – device has eight reprogrammable loop circuits of security and fire alarm. Loop circuit configuration can be selected on the basis of necessary security tactics of the facility.


  • RS-201TС – transmitter-communicator is designed for use with security and fire devices that support auto dialing via telephone line of Contact ID standard. Transmitter generates radio signal of the event and sends it over the air to security center.

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